Your best friend when you're out on the town!

Scrip is a social payment service that lets you go out with your friends, buy drinks and skip the queue.

Get notified of updates & launch

Order drinks without leaving your seat

Order drinks or food from your phone and have wait-staff deliver it to you.

Gather with your friends

Scrip helps you meet up with and keep track of where your friends are, or find new friends at your local venues.

Skip the queue with the VIP drink pickup

Don't stand in line with the rest of the crowd, skip the queues by ordering via Scrip.

Manage your nightly spending!

Track how much you spend through Scrip and be able to put limits on your spending.

Buy and track shouts.

Going out with friends? Buy shouts for your friends, and track whose round it is.

Best of all NO CASH, NO ATMS!

Pay with Scrip and you don't need to bring cash, or lose money on those ATM fees.

Best of all Scrip is FREE!